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Summers Trend For Beach Girl

The second step is makeup. When you go to the beach, you’re exposed to lots of wind and sun. As a result, your skin often looks rosy and natural. Replicate this look with your cosmetics. Instead of wearing heavy foundation, wear a light foundation that’s water-proof. Dab on liquid bronzer around your cheeks, forehead, chin and nose. All you need is some chap stick or lip gloss to complete this step. Remember that the beach girl look is natural, so you don’t want to detract from that theme by caking on too much makeup.

Third, dress the part. To make it seem like you’ve spent the day swimming around reefs, simple summer dresses are a good choice. Wear a swimsuit top underneath with a small necklace. Wear flat sandals or wedges with the dresses to accessorize. Another option is just wearing denim shorts. If you have any jeans you no longer wear, cut the legs and make them into shorts.

The easiest look of all is wearing a vintage tee shirt with a short, seashell necklace. Pair this over a dress, skirt or jeans. The vintage look radiates easy comfort. The most important thing to remember is that over-accessorizing detracts from the beachy look. Keep jewellery, hair and clothing basic but bold.