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Essentials Style for Upcoming Summer

  • Polo shirt and dress shirts – Starting from the top, a polo shirt are one of the versatile wardrobe pieces for the adventurous season. The playful, yet masculine colors of these t-shirts can brighten up your looks. Match it appropriately with your trouser and footwear, in order to, don an eye-catchy casual vibe. It effortlessly generates a complete, sleek and athletic look. Other than this, in case you are planning for an outing with friends at the beach, make sure that you stuff a dress shirt. The button down with attention grabbing prints is a must-have.
  • Chinos – A pair of chinos is a must, when it comes to smart casuals. The chinos are ideal option for a semi-formal look. Pair them with your t-shirt, dress shirt or even your formal shirts. It fits in like gloves for every situation and provides the much needed radiant personality. Team a dark colored chinos with the light shade of shirt and you will surely raise eye brows.
  • Aviator sunglasses – In the current fashion oriented times, nothing stands out more than a pair of aviator shades. The versatility of these sunglasses makes them great to wear with any outfit. Whether you are heading to your workplace or for a beach outing, this style of sunglasses are perfect to accentuate your personality as well as looks. Make sure that the glasses are of good quality. Other than the style factor, protecting your eyes from the harmful affects of UV rays is equally important.
  • Footwear – The footwear projects the overall personality of an individual. So, be very particular about the same. However, this season provides you a lot of options in this category of fashion. You can go cool flip-flops. Don them at the beach and relax. Other than this, sneakers and loafers are other options for causal spree. While when it comes to formals, the choice remains limited.
  • Undergarment – Why should the underneath fashion be left behind when you are planning to explore the various colorful options? Get a pair of stylish and eye-catchy men’s underwear. Something like men’s camo underwear is an ideal option to add even more fun to your everyday look. The sheer underwear can help keep your manhood dry during the hot and humid season.